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The History of Metal Goods Manufacturing Company 

There are those who believe that "good enough" is an acceptable standard in today's industrial marketplace. Fortunately, none of these people work for Metal Goods Manufacturing Company! 

For more than six decades, MGM has enjoyed an envied position of leadership in the design and manufacture of pressure relief and excess flow check valves, tank gauges, laboratory test equipment and other fittings for various industries. That position is stronger today than ever before and it is attributable to the fact that MGM refuses to lose sight of one basic reality:  MGM's success depends entirely on its ability to provide our customers with quality products, superior service and engineering expertise, prompt deliveries and competitive pricing, while meeting all safety and environmental requirements.

The roots of Metal Goods Manufacturing Company are deeply planted in the rich soil of its Bartlesville, Oklahoma heartland home. The company was incorporated on April 7, 1939 by Chester Fanshier who had the foresight to manufacture laboratory equipment for testing gasolines and liquified petroleum gases (LPG). A few liquid level gauges were also manufactured and sold to builders of pressurized railroad tank cars.

By the end of World War II, liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) were coming into increased uses as fuels in processing plants and on Americaâs farms. Recognizing this market trend, Fanshier designed and patented a small tilt-head level gauge that was eagerly accepted by the nations LPG tank builders. A short time later, an improved gauge was introduced (see the Slip Tube Story) and quickly became the staple of the MGM product lineup.

A few years later, Anhydrous Ammonia (AA) began to be used as a fertilizer. With this development, MGM again showed its creativity by designing and manufacturing excess flow check valves and back pressure valves from materials designed specifically to withstand the harsh environment created by ammonia. The line of products was eventually expanded to include units suitable for a full range of pressure liquids in sizes up to 10-inch flow lines.

Local ownership of the company was re-confirmed in 1991 when MGM was sold to Robert C. Diffenderfer who quickly infused his unique energy, enthusiasm and insight into the operation and in short order, more new products were being created and added to the MGM line and a worldwide distribution network commenced. With Bob Diffenderfer's death in 1994, management of the company was assumed by his wife, Gloria. Under her leadership, Bobâs dream of positioning the company as a legitimate force in international commerce continued.

Today, Metal Goods Manufacturing Company has three separate divisions: MGM Valves, MGM Lab Apparatus & the recently formed MGM Tank Car Co. All three divisions continue to grow and carry on the traditions of their original founder and extraordinary successors.

Without question, much has changed since MGM first opened its doors in 1938; yet with all that has occurred, one thing has remained constant…and that is, the philosophy and culture of MGM's dedicated people to consistently go the extra mile to meet even the most unusual of our customers' needs.   

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