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Welcome to MGM Tank Car Company!

MGM Tank Car Co. is a division of  the Metal Goods Manufacturing Company, our products, people and reputation as a quality manufacturer are not new! For more than 60 years, MGM has manufactured specialty valves, level gauges, fittings and lab apparatus for various industries, and only recently have we separated into distinct divisions to specifically focus our utmost attention on each market served.

MGM Tank Car CompanyAll three MGM divisions are linked to this website as are many of our friends, customers and suppliers in the tank car industry.

The MGM Tank Car Co. division is what this website is all about…it is dedicated entirely to the railroad tank car industry that Metal Goods Manufacturing has served for the past six decades. 

We hope you browse through our website, use it as an informational & educational tool, use it to contact MGM and use it to place your orders with us if you desire. We want our valued customers to know that this is YOUR website…please feel free to send us your comments, praises, suggestions, or any complaints you may have. 

It is our intention to provide you with as much information as you need about MGM Tank Car products, our industry and related activities, but it is also our goal to do it in a manner that is fun & exciting for you!

We hope you enjoy the MGM story and as always, we thank you again for your valued business!

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